If you are considering a short sale for your home, you are most likely already experiencing a stressful situation.

A short sale is not a quick transaction, nor is it a simple transaction.

There are several things to take into consideration.

You must have your home listed with a licensed Real Estate Agent. It is very important to hire an agent that is experienced and CONTINUALLY educating themselves on the short sale process and requirements.

Your Real Estate Agent will be able to advise you on the marketing price of your home. It will be approved at a percentage of FAIR MARKET VALUE.

You will be required to provide several different items of information. Each lender has a slightly different requirement on how they want it provided and may have some of their company specific forms.

You will need to provide: 2 most recent bank statements

                                               Last 2 years of tax returns

                                               Last 30 days of proof of income

                                               Last statement from the mortgage company

                                               Signed Financial Statement (most times on Company Specific form)

                                               Hardship Letter

Most Important Hire A Short Sale Specialist!